Group Sessions

I am passionate about parenting. I believe it is the toughest job on the planet. It is the only job for which there is no clear training, we learn 'on the job' and we learn through our mistakes. Parenting doesn't come with a retirement plan!

I want to blow away the myth that suggests that if parents seek help it means that they are 'weak' or 'failures' or worse.It is a sign of strength to seek help. I have to use a PC and a laptop, and I'm not very good at it, so if I'm stuck I call in my technical help. It doesn't mean I'm stupid, it means he knows more about it than I do!! I think that parents are entitled to the best help and resources that are available.

I can run parenting groups. The main benefit from a group, I think, is for parents to realise they are not alone. Parents will not be criticised or judged in the groups. I was once a struggling parent, I know how helpless and alone one can feel.

However parenting groups are not for everyone. Some parents prefer to receive help and encouragement in the privacy of their own homes. The important point is for parents to realise there is help available for the toughest job they will ever do.

Group Session